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Welded Wire Containers

Welded Wire Containers, one type welded wire fabric processed products, are made of galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire, then with the processing of welding and surface treatment, finally finished with different types, such as Welded Wire Baskets for storage in supermarket, Welded Wire Box for animal cages, Welded Wire Shelves for things, Welded Wire Decking for goods transportation and so on.

The welded wire containers specification is not unique. The sizes can be designed as special applications. Of course, the surface treatment can be hot dipped galvanizing, electro galvanizing, plastic coating with different colors.

We can also manufacturer the welded foldable wire containers. This type welded containers have the advantages:

  • Save the space for goods storage.
  • Can fold when not using.
  • Be folded freely, steady and reliable.
  • Use conveniently.

Here are the types of Welded Wire Containers pictures:

Welded Wire Containers for StorageWelded Wire Containers for Security
Welded Wire Containers for foldableWelded Wire Containers with Wheels

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