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Welded Wire Mesh Barrier

Welded Wire Mesh Barrier is one type welded wire fabrics which are usually used in agriculture, feeding (bird or pets control), facilities protection and security. The specifications should be according to the special applications. Thus make sure that it is the just suitable welded wire mesh barrier for you.

Welded wire mesh barriers have galvanized welded wire barrier, PVC coated welded mesh barriers and stainless steel welded wire mesh barriers. Thees welded barriers with the corrosion resistance surface are suitable for the outdoors or construction applications. And the surface is easy to clean and keep cleaning.

Welded wire mesh barriers are in application of bird or pest control. We can use the welded wire containers to control the birds. And this container is easy to installation and the container barrier size can be changeable. If use the PVC welded wire mesh barrier, it is a good idea. Because it is much easier for user to clean the containers and save time. We should use the welded wire barriers with large mesh opening (Note: the birds can not fly out) so that birds can rest in the mesh.

The common galvanized welded wire barrier and stainless steel welded wire barrier specifications.

Galvanized welded wire barrier

Wire: 0.041 × (19ga.) (1.04mm) diameter steel wire.
Process: Welded and hot dip galvanized.
Mesh size: 1/2" (12.7mm) square mesh.
Roll size: 4ft wide × 100ft long (1.22m × 30.48m) - 400sq ft (37sq m).
Weight: 90lbs. per roll (46kg).

Stainless steel welded wire mesh barrier

Wire: 0.047" (18ga.) (1.19mm) diameter 304 stainless steel wire.
Process: Welded rigid wire process.
Mesh size: 1/2" (12.7mm) square mesh.
Roll size: 4ft wide × 100ft long (1.22m × 30.48m) - 400sq ft (37sq m).
Weight: 130lbs. per roll (59kg).

These are the welded wire barrier application samples.

Welded Wire Mesh Barriers Application

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