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Welded Wire Fence

Welded Wire Fence is the general term of welded fence in different applications. They have airport fence, railway fence, road fence, high protection fence, park fences and so on. Welded wire fence in different uses has various request about the materials and specifications.

The most important purpose of welded wire fences is to protection and keep safe. We supply unique fences for using. Welded wire fence generally uses the materials of low carbon steel with high tensile, stainless steel wire with corrosion, PVC wire with color and beauty, then cold- plating or plating, hot dip, PVC plastic packages. The surface is treated with passivation, plastic processing so that surface is smooth. The welding mesh is uniform. And the welded wire mesh fencing has the features of good performance, stability, anti- corrosion.

Welded wire fencing used in parks, gardens, zoo, houses are often seen in the type of PVC coated welded wire fence. The wire diameter ranges from 3.5mm to 5.0mm. The mesh opening can be changeable to suit for the need. To make sure the security, the security fence height in zoo or prison is higher than others.

Welded wire fence using in agriculture is for keeping livestock in or predator out. Welded temporary fencing is used to provide safety and security, to direct movement where especially on building and construction sites. Welded perimeter fencing is to prevent trespassing or keep children and pets from wandering away. Welded decorative fencing is to enhance the appearance of a property, garden or other landscaping. And welded boundary fencing is to demarcate a piece of real property.

The common specification using as security fences:
Mesh opening: 2" × 4" × 14 Gauge, 1/2 × 4" × 14 Gauge, 3" × 2" × 16 Gauge, 1" × 2" × 16 Gauge.
Height: 18", 24", 30", 36", 48", 60".
Panel width can be supplied as customer's need.

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