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Welded Ripple Mesh Fence

We provides a large range of crafted welded wire fences with a multitude of styles and designs tailored to the uniqueness of each customer's individual property. We can manufacture beautiful and elegant welded ripple mesh fencing. Welded Ripple Mesh Fence

Welded Ripple Mesh Fence Materials:
This kind of welded ripple mesh fence can be bright zinc coated wire or green plastic coated welded wire fabrics.

Welded Ripple Mesh Fence Features:
Our welded ripple mesh fence has flat and firm structure.
Ripple mesh fence offers good strength and excellent property against rust and corrosion.

Ripple mesh openings and sizes can be customized according to our customers specific requirements.

The processing of Our welded ripple mesh fencing includes PVC coated after welding, electro galvanized only and hot dipped zinc coated. Welded Ripple Mesh Fence

Welded Ripple Mesh Fence Applications:
Our welded ripple mesh is easy to install for fencing, decoration and security in industry, agriculture, city construction and transport.

Beautifully coated in PVC dark green. Used where cost and appearance are both very important and where delay is less important, especially where perimeter distances are very long. Gravel mow pad simplifies maintenance and adds to appearance.

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