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Welded Wire Mesh Reinforcement for Concrete

Welded wire mesh reinforcement flat steel structures are formed by steel rods arranged in orthogonal and welded at the meeting points. They come in a variety of sections, grids and rod diameters according to final applications.

The type of welded wire mesh fabric is manufactured in accordance with international standard ASTM A-497 and A-496.
WWR is the short of Welded Wire Reinforcement, and WWF is short of Welded Wire Fabric concrete. Welded wire mesh for concrete reinforcement is one type heavy type welded wire mesh. With the strong structure, tensile strength, welded concrete meshes are widely used in building construction, bridge engineering, Floor / Pavement Slabs, Precast Members, R.C.C. Pipes, Curved Elements, Guniting Replastering.

Features and benefits:

  1. Lower consumption of steel.
  2. Higher quality work.
  3. Maximum adhesion, due to its conformation corrugated.
  4. Faster execution. Ready for loading, eliminates the tasks of cutting, bending and trying of bars.
  5. The welding of all unions said the exact positioning of the rods and improves splice length, reducing the need of control.

Uses and applications:

  1. Reinforcement of slabs, stalls, walls, beams and columns.
  2. Foundations.
  3. Retaining walls.
  4. Bridges and viaducts.
  5. Tunnel Linings.
  6. Paving and concrete runways.
  7. Industrial floors and parking lots.
  8. Concrete Pipe.
  9. Pools.
  10. Water tanks.
  11. Channels.
  12. Silos.
  13. Precast elements.
  14. Masonry armed.
Welded Wire Mesh for Concrete Reinforcement Specifications:
Size Weight/Length
1" × 1" × 10g Weld mesh 8' × 4' Sheets 4.41kg/sqm
1" × 1" × 12g Weld mesh 6' × 3' Sheets 2.91kg/sqm
1" × 1" × 12g Weld mesh 8' × 4' Sheets 2.91kg/sqm
2" × 2" × 10g Weld mesh 6' × 3' Sheets 2.37kg/sqm
2" × 2" × 10g Weld mesh 8' × 4' Sheets 2.37kg/sqm
2" × 2" × 10g Weld mesh 7' × 12' Sheets 2.37kg/sqm
2" × 2" × 8g Weld mesh 8' × 4' Sheets 3.87kg/sqm
Size Weight/Length
1" × 1" × 12g Galv. Weld mesh 8' × 4' 3.12kg/sqm
2" × 2" × 10g Galv. Weld mesh 8' × 4' Sheets 2.47kg/sqm
1/2" × 1/2" × 16g Galv. Weld mesh 1.200 × 6m 2.71kg/sqm
1/2" × 1" × 16g Galv. Weld mesh 1.200 × 6m 2.04kg/sqm
1/4" × 1/4" × 22g Galv. Weld mesh 0.9 × 6m Rolls 1.04kg/sqm

Construction Welded Mesh Features:
Construction welded wire mesh panels on both sides of steel wire rack using concrete and mortar shop, after the formation of overall well plates, cement mortar can withstand pressure, to withstand tensile steel wire mesh, helical wire to withstand lateral shear in the middle of the polystyrene foam wiping Plastic not only to reduce weight and also enhance the insulation effect. Thus, the composite sheet material can be effectively used on each floor of my properties, has a good overall performance.

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