Welded Gabions

Welded Wire Gabions Introduction
Weld Mesh Gabions are manufactured from cold drawn steel wire and strictly for tensile strength. It is then electrically welded together and hot dipped galvanised or Al-Zinc coated, ensuring a longer life. The meshes can then be organic polymer coated to safeguard against corrosion and other weathering effects, especially when the gabions are to be used in salty and highly polluted environments.

Welded Gabions have hot dipped welded gabions, electro galvanized welded gabions, PVC coated welded wire gabions. They use galvanized welded wire meshes, then treat the surface of galvanizing or plastic coating, make the gabion boxes or baskets as request. With the strong structure, welded gabions have the advantages than other woven gabions.

Welded Gabions are one type widely used welded wire mesh products in industry. Weld Mesh Gabions are more aesthetically pleasing and quicker and cheaper to install than Woven Mesh Gabions. We can provide a valid and effective technical solution in the design, construction and maintenance of a variety of protective structures.

Welded Gabions Applications:

  • River and canal training works.
  • Erosion and scour protection; roadway protection; bridge protection.
  • Hydraulic structures, dams and culverts.
  • Coastal embankment works.
  • Rockfall and soil erosion protection.
  • Architectural feature retaining walls.
  • Architectural cladding for walls.

Gabions Specification:

  • Wire Diameter: 2.4mm - 3.5mm.
  • Mesh Sizes: 5cm × 7cm, 5cm × 10cm.
  • Common Sizes: 0.5m × 0.5m × 1m, 1m × 1m × 1m, 1m × 1m × 2m.

Welded Gabions Applications01 Welded Wire Gabions Welded Gabion Wall Galvanized Welded Gabions Welded Gabions for River Engineering Welded Gabion Box for Soil Protection

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