Welded Dog Cages

There are so many reasons to have a secure confinement for your dog. Foremost, it is the law in almost every state that you must keep your dog safely confined on your property. Secondly, confinement is for your dog's safety. If he isn't confined, he might get onto a road, get lost, or stolen. Third, you need to keep people safe from your dog even if he is friendly. Many people think that if their dog is friendly, it should be allowed to go anywhere. Not everyone likes dogs, some people are seriously allergic to them, and some dogs may behave aggressively if a strange dog comes up to them. We versatile range of dog cages cater for all sizes of dogs, whether you have a Chihuahua or a German Shepherd. They have hinged side and end doors for easy access with a handy cleanable pull out tray.

Our Welded Dog Cages come with a choice of zinc or hard epoxy powder coating in a choice of black or blue and is a top quality dog cage. Meantime our cages come with a strong plastic base with no sharp edges, they also all have two doors for ease of use and carrying handle.

You can take this dog cage anywhere - a fold-down design and carrying handle make this cage ideal for travel. Or, use cage anywhere around the home - it takes just seconds to set up - or break down for space-saving storage when not in use.

Features of Welded Dog Cage

  • Durable welded steel construction make these cages super strong for years of use.
  • Closely spaced, heavy-duty 6- and 9-gauge wire, the sturdiest cage wire available. The lower the gauge, the stronger the wire - most other dog cages are made from 7- and 11-gauge wire.
  • Easy-to-clean, polyethylene trays are superior to metal trays - they hold their shape and are rust- and corrosion-proof, and are much quieter than metal. Lipped edge protects your floor from spills. Slides out easily when it's time to clean.
  • Dog-proof cam lock foils even the best escape artist, yet is easy to open for you.
Size Dimensions
Small 20" × 30" × 23" h (29lbs.)
Medium 24" × 36" × 26" h (42lbs.)
Large 26" × 42" × 30" h (50lbs.)
XLarge 28" × 48" × 31" h (56lbs.)

Welded Dog CagesWelded Dog Cages
Dog CagesDog Cages

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