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Slab Reinforcement Mesh

slab reinforced Welded mesh panel is made of high quality welded wire mesh, with flat even surface, firm structure. It is extensively used in building, food, agriculture and so on.

Assortments available:
Stainless Steel welded wire mesh Panel.
Hot Dip Galvanized welded wire mesh Panel.
Electric Galvanized welded wire mesh Panel.

Material Quality
We choose the best low carbon wire or stainless steel wire material available in China, we also have very strict quality requirement for PVC powder to ensure it is the leading quality within China.

Digital Controlled Welding Machine & Well-Trained Staff:
Our Automatic Welding Machines can set up any mesh sizes no matter it is standard type or special requirement; our fully digital controlled techniques and well-trained staff can ensure the even mesh size and the accurate dimensions of panels.

Slab Reinforcement MeshSlab Reinforcement Mesh

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