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Powder Coated Fence Single Wire

Powder coated fence single wire new specifications:

Material: Galvanized Steel Wire.
Covering: Minimum Zinc of 80 gr/m2,  wire diameter 5mm.
Treatment: With coverage of the thermoset polyester with anti-rust treatment of the 120 microns minimum.

Characteristics of the plasticized polyester: Previous process of degreasing, phosphate, passivated and washing.

  • Brightness (ISO 2813)=angle 60: 95%.
  • Adherence (ISO 2409): GTO.
  • Hardness Buchholz (UNE 48252) = 80.
  • Saline Fog Time: 1000hrs.

Defensive points higher or lower depend on the panel placement.
Color: lacquered/silver, white and green.

Special specifications can be required.

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