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Mild Steel Welded Wire Mesh

This range of weld mesh is made of mild steel wire which is drawn from steel wire rods. Available in both flat sheet and roll in a large range of wire gauges and mesh sizes. All of the mild steel welded meshes are manufactured from bright drawn mild steel wire with each intersection electronically welded. Welded Wire fabric may also be manufactured from galvanised welded wire for zinc coatings on steel, wire or wire galvanised after manufacture. More specialist applications can also be galvanised.

All mesh consists of wires running the length of the panel or roll which are known as the line wires, to which cross wires are welded at right angles. Panels are available with either flush edges or with overhangs where cross wires will project beyond the outside line wires.

The product is in compliance with the international standards and is fabricated with long & cross wire spacing, varying between 12.5mm and 200mm. We use wires of diameter 0.90mm and 6mm. Mild steel weld mesh is extensively used in different commercial applications, such as tree guards, window cooler, partitioning, fencing and construction.

Mild Steel Welded Mesh is an extremely versatile mesh, and is used in a wide range of industries or fields, like tree guards, partitioning, fencing.

Construction characteristics of steel welded wire fabric:
With the development of technology, building gradually from a purely manual to industrial production forward. Using industrial production in recent years to strengthen the steel welding network to replace the traditional manual banding plate steel, welded steel engineering to enhance their use.

Welded wire mesh appearance, then good for more than compensate for the shortcomings of man-made, steel mesh with industrial production methods, greatly improves production efficiency, saving a great deal of manual time.

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