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Low Carbon Steel Welded Wire Netting

Spot-welded mesh made of galvanized low-carbon steel wire to reinforce the concrete of pipeline with the following specifications:

Roll width: 19cm.
Roll length: 140cm.
Longitudinal wire diameter: 23mm.
Transvestism wire diameter: 2mm.
Longitudinal step: 67mm.
Transvestism step: 25.4mm. 
Regular Zinc coating class: ASTM A641-91.
Zinc coating mass determination: based on standard ASTM A90 (section 8).
Reliability of adhesion of coating based on standard ASTM A641-91 (section 9).
Shear stress between the longitudinal and transversal welded wire mesh according to the standard ASTM A185-01 (section 4 and 7).
The yield and ultimate stress according to standard ASTM A82-01.

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