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Install Welded Wire Fences

Heavy Type Welded Wire Mesh is widely used in building construction, while Welded Wire Panels are usually used as welded fences in housing, parks, roads and industry for protection and security.

Here is the welded wire mesh installation guide. Wish it can help you when installing the welded wire fences.

Step One: Unroll the roll as far as the next brace post. If it is necessary to connect two rolls: see specific situations: connecting rolls of welded wire mesh.

Step Two: Fixing the welded mesh to the start and end posts, corner and brace posts using stainless steel clips. These clips are attached to the posts at the level of each horizontal wire.
Fixing to the line posts is done:
Once every 4 holes (Patent Family).
Once every 8 holes (Patent Protect, Fortinet Medium, Fortinet Super).

Step Three: The tension fork is attached to the holes in the welded mesh, and the tackle is attached to one side of the tension fork and to a heavy vehicle on the other side. To allow bracing in cases where there is not sufficient space behind the brace post, the tension fork is fixed to the brace post.

Step Four: The mesh is braced using the tackle until a tight, smoothly stretched fence is obtained.

Step Five: After bracing, the mesh is connected to the brace posts using clips.
The tackle is removed. The mesh is cut off at the hole after the connection strip.

Step Six: Fixing the mesh to the line posts using clips.
Fixings are used once every:
4 holes (Patent Family)
8 holes (Patent Protect).
Fortinet Medium, Super).
If necessary the tension can be adjusted using crimping tongs.

Install Welded Wire Fences Step 1, 2Install Welded Wire Fences Step 3, 4Install Welded Wire Fences Step 5, 6

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