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High Ribbed Formwork Lath

High ribbed formwork lath is made of hot-dip zinc coated steel expanded sheet, and is used to be the material of formwork for concrete reinforcement.  The products are made of the metal lath and the U pattern rib bone. It can hold the concrete grout and become a rugged surface, which does not need to be taken care of and continue next grouting work. Ribbed formwork is more endurable than plywood formwork. The lath and ribs are formed on machines which first cut and press the mesh and then roll-form the ribs. At the same time the material is stretched to form an expanded mesh.

Because its meshes and U patterns, it has better anti-stress capability and forming flexibility than normal metal lath. This product has excellent engineering quality, construction security and widely used in tunnels bridges, valve basement systems, sewage systems, subways, retaining walls, nuclear power plants, shipyards, water pools and marine engineering works and high rise building projects and non-regular or bending pattern, etc. as concrete permanent assembly-free formwork.

This kind of formwork provides straight corners, and is flexible enough to use over irregular surfaces. Plaster keys near the nose to get reinforcement where it is needed most.

High Ribbed Formwork LathHigh Ribbed Formwork Lath
High Ribbed Formwork LathHigh Ribbed Formwork Lath machine

Material: Galvanized Steel.

Galvanized Steel Normal Thickness Normal Weight kg/sqm Sheet Size
28 0.400mm 3.39 445mm × 2500mm, 5000mm
26 0.575mm 4.86 445mm × 2500mm, 5000mm
24 0.750mm 6.34 445mm × 2500mm, 5000mm
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