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Brickwork Reinforcement Mesh

Coil mesh is used primarily as anti-cracking reinforcement in the construction of brick and block masonry. We supplies a series constructional wire mesh including expanded metal coil mesh for brickwork reinforcement in all types of buildings such as reinforcement of road, tunnel reinforcement, ground paving, swimming pools, concrete reinforcement and floor reinforcement.

Features of Coil Mesh:
Economic transport;
Ease and economy of storage space;
Reduction of implementation time (high application performance);
Installation does not require skilled labor;
Quality ensured by the implementation in factory;
Reduction of waste and failings.

Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel Normal Weight Kgs/sqm Roll Size Width × Length Recommended Application
763 763 - SS 0.9 65mm × 100m For 100mm Wall
764 764 - SS 0.9 115mm × 100m For 150mm Wall
765 765 - SS 0.9 175mm × 100m For 200mm Wall
766 766 - SS 0.9 225mm × 100m For 250mm Wall
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