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Angle Bead

Angle bead have a smooth round nose bead with diamond mesh wings for the keying of plaster right up to the nose of the bead.On the outside is the finished edge which is where one side of your drywall knife runs on when you are applying drywall mud. The two flanges sit flat on your raw drywall. The diamond decoration along the length of the flange act as a keyway for holding the drywall mud to the drywall and the corner. This mesh insures a perfect bond and provides effective reinforcement where most needed. Straight edge nose is easy to install and permits plumb straight outside corners. Excellent protection for corridor corners exposed to traffic.

Standard Angle Bead provides straight corners for the walls when used over irregular surfaces. Plaster bead is used to effectively terminate plaster edge in a straight line at doors, windows and other openings, also used when plaster meets dissimilar material.

Stop Bead provides more surface area to receive sealants, protects insulation boards while applying sealants or primers. Used with all thickness of insulation boards. Stop bead enhances appearance of straight edges.

Angle bead can also be made of perforated metal: The intricate pattern of holes allows mud to penetrate through the bead to the drywall. The Angle bead becomes part of the wall. Perforated corner beads are adapt to framing irregularities and to match appropriate screed heights. Furnishes are galvanized steel and zinc (99% pure zinc) alloy.

Angle bead Images:

Angle bead specifications
Angle bead Code Wing Size Length
SCT1030 30m × 30mm 2.4m - 3m
SCT1012 45mm × 45mm 2.4m - 3m
SCT1055 55mm × 55mm 2.4m - 3m
SCT1060 60mm × 60mm 2.4m - 3m
SCT1070 70mm ×70mm 2.4m - 3m
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