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Galvanized Welded Mesh Panel and Parts

Welded wire mesh panels are treated with zinc content based on the electro galvanized, zinc content on hot dipped galvanized, paint content on spay paint and paint content on the PVC coated before using. With the treatment, welded panels can be used for long period after being installed.

As for the packing, we usually use the pallet to stack product in upright position. And the fence can be well protected with the plastic straps and then covered with plastic film. We also have the strong wood so that it can hold fence on top of it. They will be well protected and have good quality paint so they don't suffer any injuries while being transported.

Apart from the welded wire mesh panels, we also supply the clamps and plastic caps. They are galvanized and well painted. And the plastic cap is protected and can last many years. They are transported in carton boxes and well protected. The posts are all galvanized both inside and outside. And the spot are galvanized, too.

The welded wire mesh panel specifications are:
Panel size: 2000 × 2500.
Mesh: 50 × 200mm.
Wire diameter: 4.9mm before treatment - 5.2mm after treatment.
4 folds in V-form of 85mm each
Treatment: various. Include zinc and paint contents
Durability: more than decades life time.
Post: 60 × 60mm exterior, wall thickness 1.5mm. 2500mm height. They are galvanized inside and outside.
Caps: plastic, long lasting with UV protection.
Clamp: metal clamps (our model) galvanized and well painted. Includes bolts and screws.

As for the different treatments, qualities, colors and sizes, please let me know the detailed specification you need.

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