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Design for 3D Panel

3d panel is mainly used in construction, also called double layer welded wire panel, using welding method joining two pieces of welded wire panel together. Mainly used as for construction. Its surface is with galvanized wire panel hot-dipped galvanized wire panel.

  1. It is freely handled & framed up to any forms in the spot with the easiness of cutting and processing for the plane and solid design.
  2. It has a versatile application to almost all construction architecture, especially for R•C structure, interior & exterior wall, single family & row house, apartment, condominium.
  3. It can be diversely designed for the soundproofing wall in the additive building of weakened structure like school, gym, factory, farmstead, cooling & thermal insulating warehouse.
  4. As it is standardized as a strengthened but lightweight, thin panel for construction structure, it has greatly increased the available floor space (10%).
  5. As it weighs only a quarter of it compared with the self load of masonry wall, it sharply curtails the fixed load, which eases off the burden of ground-making and also renders service to the perfect construction with a thermal insulation. 

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