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Welded Wire Mesh Structure


 Welded wire mesh consists of two layer of welded wire,
The wire mesh is defined by its openness and its diameter, and the materials are used with stainless steel wire, steel wire, galvanized wire.


The materials features:
The percentage of empty.


The reasons make it suitable for operations:


The specification of welded wire mesh:

MaterialOvertures Wire diameterWeight / m²% Vacuum
Stainless steel and
6.3 mm 0.71 mm0.92 kg81
galvanized12.5 mm0.7 mm0.47 kg89
galvanized12.5 mm0.8 mm0.62 kg88
Stainless steel and
12.5 mm 1 mm0.95 kg86
galvanized25.4 x 12.7 mm1.45 mm1.40 kg85


The welded wire mesh can be delivered:
In rolls;
Cut into panels;
As customer's need.


Above are the welded wire mesh structure information, when choosing the welded mesh products, we can take these item into consideration. In general, the heavy type welded wire mesh used in building construction is usually made from low carbon steel wire with the wire diameter 2.0mm-6.0mm. And the strength tensile is suitable for the application as needed. When using in other fields, can select the right specification according to the need.


Welded Wire Mesh Structure 01Welded Wire Mesh Structure 2

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